Naruto Part I

Naruto Part I Episode 061-080

Naruto Part I Episode 061-080
Kali ini saya bagikan Naruto Part I Episode 061-080 setelah sebelumnya saya bagikan Naruto Part I Episode 041-060.
Langsung saja saya bagikan daftar Naruto Part 1 061-080 dan silakan Download.

Episode                                    Judul      Link
061 Ultimate Defense Zero Blind Spot Download
062 A Failures True Power Download
063 Hit it or Quit it The Final Rounds Get Complicated Download
064 Zero Motivation-TheGuy With Cloud Envy Download
065 Dancing Leaf Squirming Sand Download
066 Bushy Brows Jutsu-Sasuke Style Download
067 Later for the Show But Ready to Go The Ultimate Secret Technique is Born Download
068 Zero Hour The Destruction of the Hidden Leaf Village Begins Download
069 Village in Distress A New A Ranked Mission Download
070 A Shirkers Call to Action A Layabout No More Download
071 An Unrivaled Match Hokage Battle Royale Download
072 A Mistake From the Past A Face Revealed Download
073 Forbidden Secret Technique Reaper Death Seal Download
074 Astonishing Truth Gaaras Identity Emerges Download
075 Exceeding the Limit Sasukes Decision Download
076 Assassin of the Moonlit Night Download
077 Light vs Dark The Two Faces of Gaara Download
078 Narutos Ninja Handbook Download
079 Beyond the Limit of Darkness and Light Download
080 The Third, Forever….!! Download
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